Chyau Ban Facial Tissue Machinery

Never Compromise The Quality of Your Tissue Paper  Machine. Welcome to the Taiwanese Quality. 

Chyau Ban Facial Tissue Machinery provider. We are the leaders in providing the paper tissue converting industry with high quality Tissue Paper making Machines directly from Taiwan.  We also build and  provide all type of paper converting machines:

  • Facial Tissue making Machines,
  • Napkin Making Machine
  • Pocket Tissue Making Machine
  • Kitchen / Hand Towel Making Machines
  •  Toilet Tissue  Making Machine

Why Chyau Ban Facial Tissue Machinery?

  • We deliver Taiwan’s Best Quality Facial Tissue machines at very competitive Prices.
  • Great Customer Service and Support: We stand right behind you for all your issues and concerns and we provide full technical support.
  • Fully set up your Machines upon purchasing as we send our tech team for complet set up.
  • We provide full On-Site training: Once your machines are setup; our high skilled trainer provides your team with full on spot training.
  • We provide high quality Raw material required for all your tissue converting business.

About Us

Welcome to Chyau Ban the Taiwanese Facial Tissue Machine Supplier in the Middle East

Chyau Ban Machinery the leading professional facial Tissue Machine Supplier in the Middle East.  Based in Taiwan and has started in 1987, ever since then it has succeeded to acquire clients trust in wide regional markets, Middle east was one of the most growing markets where Chyau Ban Facial Tissue Machine Supplier was at the top preferences to all paper converters who could easily recognize the high efficiency and durability accompanied with economical prices.
High quality Facial Tissue Machine goes along with high quality Customer service, that was one of Chayu Ban Company‘s principals which urged to establish the Middle East customer service in 2009 to satisfy middle east customers.

Main Goals of Chyau Ban – Middle East Customer Service  Center for the Paper Tissue Converting Industry:

1- Building close, consistence friendly business relation with tissue paper makers and factories to know their exact needs and to offer solutions at suitable time .

2- Share the deep experience of Chyau Ban Tissue paper industry to ease customer’s daily jobs which usually could enable them to catch valuable opportunities in the tissue paper market.
3- Offering Facial Tissue and Tissue Paper machinery solutions and economical feasibility for new or expanded projects.
4- All types of Tissue paper Machinery Installation.
5- Technician training in actual jobs environment.
6- Facial Tissue Machine Maintenance.
7- Spare parts supply at lowest prices (Cost + Shipment) .
8- Free technical support .

 You’re welcome to arrange visits to any of the Facial Tissue factories that were built by Chyau Ban The Facial Tissue Machine Supplier in the Middle East: Syria , Jordan , Lebanon ,Iraq, Egypt ,Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan.

These Tissue Paper factories in the middle east region are doing successful paper converting business using Chyau Ban Middle East Customer Service Center

Products Catalog  

Facial Tissue Machines Catalog

Thank you for your interest in our product catalog. Please feel free to browse our complete product line. Our catalog is available as a PDF download and as an online catalog with search functionality.

If you should happen to encounter any issues when downloading our catalog, please contact us at: +962 6 402 9 400


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Chyau Ban Facial Tissue Machinery

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Taiwan’s Best Facial Tissue Machines Supplier for the Middle East  area.  Please feel free to contact us for your paper converting business concerns and questions.

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